Day: August 31, 2022



We stand for durability and a passion for floors. This certainly means that from time to time we add new gems to our collection.

In this case, no less than 4 new carpet qualities:

  • Arte with iVerse yarn
  • Touche with iSense yarn
  • Vibes with iVivo yarn (SDN!)
  • Craft with iSense yarn

For the attentive reader, there are indeed three different yarns. Of course, you want to know exactly what they are.

  • iVerse yarn: an exclusive solution dyed polyester, with optimal daily wear and tear resistance. Polyester is naturally impermeable, making it easy to clean. No maintenance issues at all.
  • iVivo yarn: a solution dyed nylon of exceptional quality. iVivo® is easy to clean, incredibly resilient, excellently wear-resistant and yet pleasantly soft.
  • iSense yarn: A unique, extremely soft polyamide yarn that outperforms any other carpet yarn in terms of soothing comfort. With its high number of fine filaments, iSense® simply adds a new dimension to wall-to-wall carpet. Softness on the floor to be enjoyed to the full.

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