Yes, you read that right! You are live. On the new Belakos website. And we’re very proud of that!

The past few months we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring our passion for floors to you even better, also digitally.

We wanted to create a website that is clear, and tells you what it’s all about:
Sustainable, high-quality floors in Belakos sorts and sizes.
A solid online foundation so that you know almost exactly what to expect when you bring a Belakos floor into your home.

Take a look around. There’s a lot to read, but above all, lots to see.

LVT. by Belakos
Kleed. by Belakos
Carpet. by Belakos.
Our great flooring passions.
Discover them all.

As well as all you need to know about points of sale in your area, a room visualisation tool, the Belakos team, our socials and more.

Live @Belakos and yes, Belakos is live!

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