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On social media, you will regularly come across Belakos floors. Some floors highlighted:

Carolina - Palazzo herringbone XL 77

A visit to one of the Belakos outlets was a first step. 'Here we could see the different PVC floors, colours and size planks, live, as well as ask for advice. ''Finally being able to request several samples was a godsend for us. I can recommend that to everyone. I really stood here, in different places, with samples to be able to assess what this type of floor does with the room and how the light determines the final colour. You can just visualise better.'

Wendy - Palazzo herringbone XL 75

In my search for a floor, the look, the colour tone and the ease of maintenance were particularly important. We previously had a wooden floor and the stains on it, especially with children, proved difficult to remove. This remained an eyesore. So that clearly had to change.' Want to see how the Palazzo herringbone XL 75 shines in Wendy's home? Then check out her Instagram account @huisje_karssen and get inspired.

Laura - LVT Attico 830 & Carpet Hampton

'We chose a straight plank pretty quickly anyway. Although we also really liked the herringbone, we found it a bit too busy and trendy. We found choosing the colour a lot more difficult. Will it be Palazzo 710, Palazzo 720 or Attico 830? In the end, you can only really choose once you have the floor in your hands. Choosing from a picture is, for us, impossible. Light, rooms, other furnishings. Everything together determines the whole. So requesting a sample or seeing the floor in the shop has turned out to be an absolute must for us'.

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