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by belakos

A passion for soft floors and warm feet

We are proud of Belakos' carpet collection.
Durable, qualitative and widely usable. These are the characteristics for our carpet collections that are available in different variations and color options.

Carpet on your floor.
Plenty of advantages. Possibilities too.

Discover the wealth of options

Discover our carpets


The huge advantage of carpet is that it is widely applicable. A carpeted floor literally brings warmth and comfort into a space. Plus, Belakos carpets are low-maintenance, eco-friendly and long-lasting.

This timeless, all-round flooring is a popular choice in home interiors and commercial projects.

Carpet tiles

The name says it all: carpet in tile form. A perfect choice for any interior.
For an eye-catching result, lay the tiles in a unique pattern.

Carpet tiles come in different sizes and colours, are low-maintenance and durable. Individual tiles are easily replaceable.


Want to bring your room in the perfect harmony and ambiance. A custom-made rug is the perfect design statement! A rug adds an instant splash of colour and originality to your interior.

Choose the specific type of yarn, unique border finish (4 different options) and colour to match your design and lifestyle needs.


Our Resistanz collection combines style, functionality and comfort.

With a vast range of quality options, this line suits many flooring needs. Whether your project is residential or commercial, Resistanz is a perfect choice.

To our carpet collection

Bring warmth and comfort into your interior with the Home collection. Choose from a selection of textures and shades and add a warm, cosy vibe to your home. Give your home the loving care it deserves with our stylish, premium luxury carpets. Perfect for any residential application, and ideal as a rug.

To our carpet collection

Combine and create custom carpet with Custom Design from Belakos. A unique design for every project.

Belakos samples

Floors are meant for playing, dancing, and truly living on.
Exactly, a sustainable investment. We understand that better than anyone.

The extensive collection from Belakos comes with an equally extensive sample collection. You can request a sample of every type of floor.
That's convenient. You want to see the floor in person, feel it, and visualize it in its intended location.

About Belakos carpet

  • Always warm feet
  • Noise dampening
  • An ideal surface for kids to play on
  • Water resistant
  • Dirt-repellent
  • Hard-wearing
  • Extremely durable and eco-friendly
  • Bleach resistant
  • The floors meet the strict environmental and health standards of the European Union. All products carry the GUT and PRODIS quality labels.

If you choose a carpet, it must meet the highest standards.
We’ve got you covered.

Sustainability is one of Belakos’ highest priorities. Our carpets are tested to ensure they meet high environmental standards. 

All of our carpet products carry the PRODIS and the GUT quality mark.

PRODIS gives our consumers all the information about the environmental aspects of the specific product.
GUT focuses on the emissions of volatile organic compounds and checks the use of chemicals.

‘No GUT, no carpet.’
That’s the Belakos promise.

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