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Maintenance and installation instructions

The secret to a beautiful, durable floor that really lays and stays well? Have your Belakos floor laid by an expert and contact one of our salespoints for more information. Need tips for installation a floor? Download the installation instructions for Belakos products below.

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The best way to care for your Belakos LVT floor

Our LVT floors are durable, high quality and sturdy. Of course, you'd like to keep it that way. You can! We recommend the use of soft chair caps and wheels, from Scratch no More and clean walking mats.

In addition, treating the floor, properly, is essential. For best results, we recommend the products of James.

Caring for your carpet

Mopping, sweeping, or vacuuming? Every floor needs maintenance. Taking good care of it always shows. When it comes to keeping carpet in a good state, regular vacuuming is important. This will remove dust and dirt from the carpet and the yarn will come back up nice and straight.

You can remove most household stains with water. How? Check the standard method that can be used for most carpet types. We recommend the products of James. Check out and find the cleaning solution for all stains.

Resistanz carpet maintenance

The daily maintenance of our Resistanz carpet is similar to the maintenance of normal carpet but when it comes to stains it is slightly different. This is due to the special yarn composition of this carpet collection.

Stains in your Resistanz carpet can be removed with a mixture of chlorine and water. In some cases household chlorine has little or no effect on the stain. This is usually seen with greasy stains. Indeed, each stain thus has its own treatment.

CAUTION: treating normal carpet with chlorine will damage the carpet beyond repair.