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KLEED. van belakos

A passion for bespoke rugs

Belakos loves flooring.
All sorts and sizes.

Our dedicated consultants will help you to create your dream rug.
Kleed. by Belakos is a rug for everyone.

Edge finishes

Did you know?

There are many materials and techniques to choose from, at different price points? That’s why we have an almost infinite range of options.
Create a statement rug with our bespoke service.

It’s as simple as that.
Home is where the statement is!

Discover the options: Kleed. by Belakos

To help you create your ambiance rug we offer a bespoke service. At all our sales points you'll find an adviser delighted to help you create your dream rug.

About Kleed. van Belakos


Kleed. Van Belakos is there for everyone.

After all, you choose your own dimensions, colors and carpet qualities. Various festooning and hemming techniques are possible.

A unique item for every room, and therefore for every floor, possibilities.

Advantages of a custom rug
  • Always warm feet 
  • Options for every room 
  • A luxurious, stylish appearance 
  • Great sound insulation 
  • Perfect for finishing a room 
  • An ideal surface for children to play on

There are plenty of floors and rugs.

You will find durable and easy-to-maintain floors at Belakos. After all, what you put on your floor must be good and lasting.

Quality, authenticity and appearance.
That is Kleed. Van Belakos.


View this page for maintenance advice for our carpet.

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