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Frequently asked questions

Belakos LVT
Belakos carpet
Frequently asked questions
How do I prevent scratches in my floor?

Our LVT floors are durable, high-quality and sturdy. Of course, you'd like to keep it that way. You can! We recommend the use of soft chair caps and wheels, Scratch no more and cleaning mats.

In addition, treating the floor, properly, is essential. For best results, we recommend the products of James.

Read more about keeping your Belakos floor beautiful and click here.

What is the difference between the Palazzo, Monastro and Terreno?

All qualities have beautiful oak colours. We advise you to request samples and to go to a point of sale. There, large boards are available and you can see the colour difference better than on a sample. 

Our points of sale will be happy to provide more information. Click here to find a point of sale near you.

You can also find many atmospheric impressions on our social media channels.

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Can I use any cleaning product on my LVT floor?

No, you can't! And never use household cleaners like benzene, turpentine, nail varnish remover or sticker remover; these will damage the floor and leave a dull spot that will never go away.

Belakos recommends James products for keeping Belakos LVT beautiful.

Read on in the maintenance advice, call the James Stain Line for advice: +31 77 327 8007 or visit for more information.

Is an underlay needed before installing Rigid Click LVT?

No that is not necessary, unless there are unevennesses on the subfloor greater than 4 to 5 mm measured over a width of 200cm.

Belakos points of sale will be happy to tell you more about this, click here to find a point of sale near you.

Are there phthalates in Belakos LVT?

Belakos floors are free of harmful phthalates. Read more about this in the blog post: Belakos LVT, a sustainable choice.

What is the difference between herringbone, Chevron and Chevron wave?

The Chevron is known for the 45-degree angle at which the floor is laid. Fun fact: So the difference between the herringbone pattern and the Chevron is the angle at which the floor is laid. With a herringbone pattern, the angle is 90 degrees.

The Chevron can also be laid in a Chevron wave. Here, a 60-degree angle is maintained in the laying pattern.


So the angle at which a floor is laid affects its appearance. In general, we see that people who want a striking, yet calm-looking laying pattern opt for the Chevron.

If, on the other hand, you have very large rooms that could use some solidity, herringbone is another interesting choice.

And the Chevron wave? It provides the golden mean.

Check the online catalogue to see what colours these products are available in.

Can I lay a LVT floor myself?


When it comes to preserving a floor, a good start is worth everything.

Laying a floor requires a good, level surface. After all, you can only form a solid foundation if your preparation is tight, as well as level.

A subfloor is indispensable.

So are good laying instructions.

Naturally, you will find all the necessary information on our website.

Laying your own LVT floor? Honestly?

It is best to let an expert lay your floor. With a lot of sales points in Europe, there is always one in your area. Then you can be sure of a well-laid floor.

What is the price of a rug?

Our rugs are bespoke: Kleed. by Belakos. Contact a point of sale for more information. A customised rug can be made from almost any carpet quality.

Discover here Kleed. by Belakos.

I have a stain in my carpet, now what?

Treat the stain immediately with water. For this, you will need a white, cotton terry towel and water. Then follow these steps:

First remove the solids as much as possible with a spoon.

Immediately wet a white, cotton terry towel with cold water, wring it out and place it flat on the stain.

Leave the terry towel on, without spiking. If the towel becomes saturated, replace it as described above. Then leave the towel until it is completely dry.

Read more on or contact James!

Which carpet is suitable for the stairs?

Our dealers will be happy to inform you. Find a retailer near you and check out the Belakos carpet collection right away!

Is there a showroom where we can see the floor?

Belakos has a lot of points of sale where the carpet and LVTcollection can be viewed. Find a point of sale here.

Want to see what a floor will look like in your own interior? Then go to the Belakos room visualisation or request samples via the online catalogue.

Through our Social Media channels, not only we, but also our happy customers, keep you updated on their #Belakos experiences. So you can immediately see how the colours fit into an interior and how you can finish off your beautiful floor.

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Can I get a quotation for a Belakos floor?

Belakos is a wholesaler and has a lot of points of sale in Europe where the Belakos carpet and LVT collection can be found.

Our dealers will be happy to help you find the right Belakos floor. Click here to find a point of sale near you.

When will my ordered samples arrive?

Within 5-7 working days, you will receive the samples from us at the address you provided.

Choosing a floor is personal. What suits the house or project? What look do you want to achieve? These are all very obvious questions that help you make the right choice. With a sample from Belakos, making a choice becomes even easier!

Choosing at a glance! Just at home. So it is possible.

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